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     In the Spring of 2015 I was invited by Packt Publishing to write a book on RabbitMQ. As I was quite fond of the message broker which by the way is already quite a mature technology - I decided to take the chance and write it. My first encounter with RabbitMQ was at Cisco Systems a few years ago when we were barely starting to adopt it for our project. 

The book

     In a rought sketch Learning RabbitMQ starts with a brief recap on messaging and messaging patterns (chapter 1). It then moves to concrete implementation of those patterns in Java (chapter 2). Before expanding on the topic a detailed guide on the administration of RabbitMQ covering all useful tools provided by the installation is provided (chapter 3). 

     The book is targeted for all types of RabbitMQ users. Although examples make use of the RabbitMQ Java client library and apart from developers in general - administrators, system integrators and devops folks will definitely gain the necessary level of knowledge needed to maintain a RabbitMQ deployment - whether a single instance or a RabbitMQ cluster.

     In that regard the book covers clustering and high availability in great details (chapters 4 and 5) and also points for integration with other systems such as ESBs (enterprise service buses) - such as the widely used in practice WSO2 and MuleESB, databases (RDBMS and NoSQL) - sample integration with message broker from within the Oracle Database is demonstrated (chapter 6). A practical overview of the RabbitMQ utilities provided by the Spring framework (such as Spring AMQP and the Spring Integration adapters) is given along with a number of possible deployment scenarios for the message broker. 

     The last part of the book discusses more advanced concepts such as performance tuning and monitoring (chapter 7), troubleshooting (chapter 8), security (chapter 9) and message broker internals (chapter 10) with practical examples.

     Happy reading :- )

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